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Military Relocation

At Native, our military relocation professionals (MRPs) act as a comprehensive support system for military families, easing the stress of moving and ensuring that both buying and selling processes are as smooth and beneficial as possible. We understand the unique challenges and requirements faced by military families, and we're here to offer specialized assistance every step of the way.

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Understanding of VA Loans: In-depth knowledge about VA loans, including eligibility, benefits, and the application process, to help families secure financing.

Relocation Counseling: Assistance in understanding the relocation process, including timelines, moving allowances, and housing options at the new duty station.

Area Orientation: Detailed information about the new location, including schools, amenities, medical facilities, and community resources that cater to military families.

Housing Market Insights: Analysis of the local housing market, including trends, prices, and inventory, to help families make informed decisions.

Home Search Assistance: Tailored home search based on the family’s needs, preferences, and budget, considering proximity to the military base and community support for military families.

Negotiation and Closing Assistance: Expertise in negotiating deals, understanding military-specific clauses, and ensuring a smooth closing process.



Market Analysis and Pricing Strategy: Comprehensive market analysis to price the home competitively while aiming to maximize the seller’s return.

Marketing and Visibility: Enhanced marketing efforts to ensure the property reaches potential military and civilian buyers, including listing on military-friendly housing websites.

Staging and Presentation Advice: Guidance on staging the home to appeal to potential buyers, including tips for quick fixes and improvements that can increase the home’s value.

Flexible Communication and Scheduling: Understanding that military families may be dealing with time zone differences or unpredictable schedules, offering flexible communication and scheduling for showings, meetings, and calls.

Closing and Relocation Coordination: Assistance with the logistics of selling a home while relocating, including coordinating with movers, handling paperwork remotely, and ensuring deadlines are met.


Network of Professionals: Access to a network of professionals experienced in working with military families, including lawyers, home inspectors, and movers.

Support with Rental Properties: For families choosing to rent out their homes, assistance with property management options and understanding the legal and financial implications.

Post-Move Support: Providing resources and support even after the move, helping families settle into their new community and addressing any post-relocation concerns.

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